Overleg gebruiker:Lo Ximiendo: verschil tussen versies

(→‎Nederlands, alstublieft!: thanks for the answer)
:::: line 6: is a rendering of the pronunciation(s) in IPA.
::::This is the point where I'd like to do some researching myself, to find out whether there are reliable sources we should take into account when presenting transliterations/transcriptions to Dutch. I will also do some thinking about my suggestion for an addition to the module. I'm a litte time-pressed at the moment, but my expectation is that I will be able to give you an update on Monday. --[[Gebruiker:MarcoSwart|MarcoSwart]] ([[Overleg gebruiker:MarcoSwart|overleg]]) 10 jan 2020 15:14 (CET)
::::: I can wait. --[[Gebruiker:Lo Ximiendo|Lo Ximiendo]] ([[Overleg gebruiker:Lo Ximiendo|overleg]]) 10 jan 2020 16:12 (CET)