Overleg gebruiker:Lo Ximiendo: verschil tussen versies

::: Concerning the interpretation, line 5 is Wiktionary's in-house Romanization based on phonemes. User Wyang devised the Romanization scheme, but has left this online venture, likely out of stressing frustration. I'm not sure if he (or she) expected that I could export the Romanization scheme to different versions of Wiktionary (like Turkish, Italian, Japanese and Romanian; besides, it has been exported to the Thai Wiktionary, albeit with at least one omission, and the Chinese Wiktionary).
::: My understanding of the template km-IPA is, that the standard orthography, including alternative forms of words, is used for page titles, while the phonemes are meant to show readers the proper IPA pronunciation. (Take the entry for the word [[ចក្រ]] at the English Wiktionary, for instance; it has two different pronunciations for the same word in standard orthography.) --[[Gebruiker:Lo Ximiendo|Lo Ximiendo]] ([[Overleg gebruiker:Lo Ximiendo|overleg]]) 10 jan 2020 12:14 (CET)