Overleg gebruiker: verschil tussen versies

geen bewerkingssamenvatting
*We are still waiting for a new generation phoneticians :P
*Except for "ieuw" and "eeuw", I'm very sure. Flemish "aai" etc. correspond to Limburgish, Brabantian "aai" etc. correspond to Northern Dutch. --[[Gebruiker:Ooswesthoesbes|Ooswesthoesbes]] ([[Overleg gebruiker:Ooswesthoesbes|overleg]]) 2 sep 2012 21:47 (CEST)
How interesting and telling that an Anglophone and a Limburgophone -is there such a thing?- presume to come an tell us 'Northern Dutchies' how we (should?) speak our language....
[[Gebruiker:Jcwf|Jcwf]] ([[Overleg gebruiker:Jcwf|overleg]]) 3 sep 2012 18:51 (CEST)