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In the beginning, there were only Northern Dutch IPAs in the entrees. Only fairly recently, we started adding Limburgish and Flemish. Yeah, the guide was never finished. It's still on my very long to-do list :P Surely everybody may edit it; I saw your edits and as they are perfectly in line with reality, there is no reason to remove them. The reason most of our IPA is unsourced is simply the fact that there is no overview of modern day Dutch pronunciation. We only have either older literature (which is hopelessly outdated) and more recent literature which uses symbols from the older literature (such as softer g /ɣ/ instead of present day /χ/ and /e/ instead of /eɪ̯/). --[[Gebruiker:Ooswesthoesbes|Ooswesthoesbes]] ([[Overleg gebruiker:Ooswesthoesbes|overleg]]) 2 sep 2012 19:28 (CEST)
It might be a bit clearer to use points now :P
*I can give you a very short answer: there is no such dictionary. Most cited reasons are the same as in English: /ɹ/ or /ɻ/ does not help legibility, so /r/ is used instead - or /æ/ vs. /æ:/ (bat vs. bad) is not necessary because you should already know these pronunciation rules while learning the language (which is of course *** and which results in Dutchies pronouncing bat and bad with identical vowel length...).
*Well, Dutch only has a written standard and not really a spoken standard. Nobody - except for some so-called "purists" - really cares whether you say /ʁɔjə/, /rɔ:jə/ or /ɾo:jə/ for "rooien". The " artifical pronunciation model" is mainly created for reasons of ease: you only need one transcription which includes nearly all varieties of Dutch. Of course, this model is highly inaccurate if taken "litteraly" and if you are trying to learn the language's pronunciation, you will end up with a flawed pronunciation.
*We are still waiting for a new generation phoneticians :P
*Except for "ieuw" and "eeuw", I'm very sure. Flemish "aai" etc. correspond to Limburgish, Brabantian "aai" etc. correspond to Northern Dutch. --[[Gebruiker:Ooswesthoesbes|Ooswesthoesbes]] ([[Overleg gebruiker:Ooswesthoesbes|overleg]]) 2 sep 2012 21:47 (CEST)