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: Oh yeah, I forgot that in Limburg, apart from Dutch, a separate language is also spoken - Limburgish. Sorry. By the way, I've found the page I was talking about: [[WikiWoordenboek:IPA#Klinkers|<click here>]]. Take a look yourself :) It says that we shouldn't use length marks, unless it makes a difference (like {{IPA|/ɔ/}} vs. {{IPA|/ɔː/}}). I think both that Uitspraakverschillen... (the one I mentioned earlier) and IPA guides here need to be worked on. Don't count on me though, I can read Dutch fairly good, but can't write nor speak it, as I said. But if you say it's that important for southern Dutch, you may want to remove the contradictions. --[[Speciaal:Bijdragen/|]] 2 sep 2012 16:51 (CEST)
:: Added? You mean to the pronunciation guide? Anyway, thanks for clarifying it. [[WikiWoordenboek:Uitspraakverschillen binnen het Nederlandse taalgebied|The guide]] could also be edited, with proper explanations (like on the IPA guide) below. There also are some empty spaces, perhaps you know the phonetic values that should be there. It's all unsourced anyway so... we seem to be free to edit it. I already did actually, by adding pre-r allophones a few days ago. --[[Speciaal:Bijdragen/|]] 2 sep 2012 19:22 (CEST)
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