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--[[Speciaal:Bijdragen/|]] 2 sep 2012 13:33 (CEST)
: Oh yeah, I forgot that in Limburg, apart from Dutch, a separate language is also spoken - Limburgish. Sorry. By the way, I've found the page I was talking about: [[WikiWoordenboek:IPA#Klinkers|<click here>]]. Take a look yourself :) It says that we shouldn't use length marks, unless it makes a difference (like {{IPA|/ɔ/}} vs. {{IPA|/ɔː/}}). I think both that Uitspraakverschillen... (the one I mentioned earlier) and IPA guides here need to be worked on. Don't count on me though, I can read Dutch fairly good, but can't write nor speak it, as I said. But if you say it's that important for southern Dutch, you may want to remove the contradictions. --[[Speciaal:Bijdragen/|]] 2 sep 2012 16:51 (CEST)
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